In a letter to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, ULTC President Steven Belton called on the state to provide a comprehensive and accurate assessment of COVID-19’s impact on African Americans in order to limit the duration and severity of this pandemic. Belton called on the Governor, as well as Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan and the Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm to publicly release de-identified/aggregate demographic data, including race, on who has received COVID-19 diagnostic testing, who has tested positive, and the clinical disposition of those who tested positive, including recovery and death.

Said Belton, “We must act now to save lives.”

Read Belton’s Letter to the Governor Here.

This expansion allows Comcast to reach populations never served before including those with disabilities, new parents, and previously uncovered seniors and adults without school aged children. Now more than ever, access to digital resources is essential – whether it is for a job search, completing homework assignments, applying for scholarships, applying for veteran benefits, learning new skills, or communicating with family.

Since 2011, Internet Essentials has connected eight million low-income people to the power of the internet at home. As Comcast continues to tackle the digital divide and connect even more people, they are seeking your help to amplify awareness of Internet Essentials with your peer networks and clients. Please share the attached press release and visit for materials and updates.